Easy indoor natural light portrait on Zuiko 45mm

Easy indoor natural light portrait on Zuiko 45mm

A lot of times I catch up a question like “what location would you recommend for …?”. I am thinking that you shouldn´t care too much about location but much more about light.
In this example I took a quick available light portrait of my son in our living room. As you can see on the left hand side he was standing right beside the window just in the room with a bookshelf and a plant in the back. Nothing fancy at all. I told him to turn his body away from the window in a 45 degree angle and to turn back his face into the light. I also told him to put his hand in his pockets to feel casual and comfortable and I let him lean a little bit forward and told him to put his chin up a bit.

I spot metered for the highlights on his face, took the Zuiko 45mm lens and shot it wide open at f1.8 attached to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and that´s it.

As you can see it is more important to focus more on light than on location. Use the right lens, get the emotion of your subject and you will always get a great result.



Alexander Hahn is Visionary of Olympus Europe and specialized in Wedding and family photography

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